LettingLinks Makes Property Searches Look Easy

Finding the right property or rental can be a pain. No one wants to waste their time researching legal obligations and tenant agreements.

With LettingLinks finding your dream property is as easy as 1-2-3
Once you sign up for our software, you will –
  • Never have to deal with letting agents unless you want to.
  • Enjoy minimal fees for credit and reference checks only.
  • Enjoy transparent relationships with landlords that protects everybody.
  • Never have to make a hasty decision when searching for rental properties.
  • Find reputable landlords that offer value throughout your tenancy.

Here is what you Get

Signing up for the Software is easy. All you have to do is –

  • 1

    Create an Account

  • 2

    Add Your Ideal Property Requirements

  • 3

    View matching property profiles instantly

  • Create a FREE Profile Input your details for free and become a member instantly
  • Complete your Ideal Property Requirements Are you looking for a rental property or property to call your own? Input the details and the software will do the rest.
  • Connect with Landlords and LettingAgents of your Matching Properties Avoid scams by connecting with landlords and letting agents that specialise in the properties that YOU are interested in. View matching landlord profilesinstantly.

LettingLinks Works like a Letting Agent

How? It does so by

  • Finding an ideal property that accepts your circumstances Are you looking for a rental that can accommodate a family of 5? A property that is in a good neighbourhood and near a school is an ideal home for a growing family as well.
  • Connects you to the landlord of your chosen properties Get in touch with your landlord immediately if you run into any problems
  • Checks all references and credit through the website Avoid legal liability, check references for accuracy and make the right decision
  • Storing data transactions and other necessary exchanges between you and landlords in a secure account Our software is designed to keep your sensitive information confidential at all times. We do not share your information with third parties
  • Providing you contact with your landlord throughout the tenancy period Stay in touch with your chosen landlord at all times.

Letting agents are great at finding tenants properties since they possess local knowledge. We have made agreements with some of the most reliable landlords and letting agents across the country. Our expertise lies in overseeing the letting process so that you won’t have to. LettingLinks will minimise the time it takes for you to find a suitable property and landlord according to YOUR requirements.

See What Others are Saying About LettingLinks

We'd love to hear from you too...

I am so happy I found this website. My wife and I have been looking for a house to rent for months now. We had an awful landlord before and were dubious about renting from a landlord that we didn't know. This website has been brilliant because we can get to know the landlords before we take the plunge and rent a property from them. We want to rent a house to make a home for ourselves. In the past this has been such a stressful endeavor but Letting Links has been so helpful. We have found our ideal house and are so happy with our landlord as she is honest and trustworthy.

Thomas Clarke [Tenant]

Letting Links is unique. There are no other websites out there that allows the tenants to converse directly with the landlords. I want to move away from my area and live up north but it is so far in the car and so expensive to travel there that it makes it hard finding the right place to live. Through Letting Links I can ask the landlords direct questions and get to know them while I am picking the properties that would be right for me. In a week I have some viewings lined up and I already know a lot about the properties and have spoken to the various landlords on different occasions. I am looking forward to meeting them and finding my new house!

Alexandra Cooke [Tenant]

I recently graduated from university and have had some bad experiences where the landlord didn't care about the tenants or the properties they were renting. They refused to spend money on making the property safe from burglars and as a result my laptop was stolen as well as the television and games console, in multiple thefts. I was scared about staying in the house but I had nowhere else to go. I found Letting Links through a friend and I have to say that I am so pleased that there are people out there who care about their tenants. I found a small house through this website and I am renting from a landlord who not only cares about making the property safe but also making the property a home. I would recommend this site to everyone because it makes finding a house enjoyable and stress free.

Sophie Light [Tenant]

Letting Links is a brilliant platform to link tenants with landlords. It's the only site that matches the criteria of the tenants with our available properties and is the only site where landlords themselves can actively look for tenants, instead of sitting in an office, waiting for them to come to us. We have found tenants and matched them with their ideal property, in the hope that they will want to stay with us for a long time. This site is fantastic for landlords as it is unique. I haven't come across anything that helps landlords fill their properties quite like Letting Links.

Easy Property Rental [Agent]

Fantastic! It's hard to find a site that caters to landlords as well as people looking for a house to rent. We found ideal people to stay in our properties through Letting Links. I would recommend this website to all letting agencies, as it gives us a lot of freedom in the market. The site is so easy to use. There are tenants at the click of a button. It's always great to have people coming in through the door, but this way we reach a lot more people. Plus, we get to choose who rents with us as we have had some nightmare experiences in the past of tenants who have damaged our properties. Through Letting Links we can make sure in advance that the people who rent with us care for the house and look after it.

Green Door Lets [Agent]

I have had tenants in the past who have destroyed parts of my properties or defaced the walls and refused to pay for the repairs, which has cost me a lot of money. Since I started putting the details of the agency up onto Letting Links this hasn't happened as I can see the rating of the potential tenants from previous landlords, and I can also meet them via the online chat through the website. This minimizes the risk of my properties being damaged. I want tenants to live in my houses and look after them. Thanks for this brilliant website! It's such a good idea. I wish I had known about it beforehand.

Trust in Properties [Agent]